Alas, I have returned. Like most college students (or just hardworking people in general-college or not), I’ve been preoccupied with many things recently: soul searching, academics, work, girls, etc. I realized that this site should not be used for banal reviews of books, how I might potentially use them in my writing (everyone has an opinion and personally, I would better use my time creating content than commenting on content), or telling the not so sehr interessant details of a rural-raised, East Coaster coming to Las Vegas to pursue a degree in Film, English, Creative Writing, and Entrepreneurship. This blog would best be used for creating and spreading my content like a malignancy so that I may start getting my voice out there. I can’t promise that I will have lots of content or that it will be consistent (mainly because I find promises both misleading for others and confining for yourself), but I can say that I will use this as the first mouth piece for my writing that I wish to share with the world. With this, I invite you to taste some of the blurbs of pieces I am working on. I am focused on getting interest and feedback, primarily, so feel free to comment or message me with feedback on work. 

I will leave you with the opening of a piece that I free-wrote over the holidays:

Giles Jameson was a hardworking man who “loved his money like he loved his women, spread wide and held firmly in his hands.” He reclined on the couch, his feet hanging over the edge in the way a large dogs’ paws droop one over another when crossed at the stair’s edge. The TV flickered before him in bright effervescence brought to him by Hostess and Charmin and made hazy in the sleep-deprived, Monster-fueled wee hours of another Saturday night alone in his apartment.

Also, here is the link to a short film that I acted in for class.

I will be posting an improv comic strip that I helped write and draw at the recent comic book festival. More to come. Thanks for reading!


~ by theblogofmatthew on November 27, 2012.

2 Responses to “Absence”

  1. Glad to see you’re back! Was only looking through the list of blogs that I follow last week and was wondering what had happened! Did you complete the list of books? Personally I only got through 8-10 of them 🙂

    • I personally feel off the list for a while. I have been making ground steadily, but as I find more pieces that I want to read, I found myself getting preoccupied with non-list materials. Thank Sandman, Lucifer, and Game of Thrones for this off-list experience. Glad that you are still following this. It’s always a pleasure to get feedback.

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