Con-nerd-sseur Log Book #11- The Time Traveler’s Wife

Let me just begin by saying, “this hurt…really.” This is one of the first books I have read by a woman author on this list (in fact, she may be the first) but I don’t think I have been this upset over a book since Ender’s Game. This books is fantastic. A fantastic choice for my Eleventh tasting of science fiction/fantasy literary flavors. The list I am drawing from is NPR‘s list of the Top Sci-fi and fantasy books. Clearly this is not all the best books…they are missing NK Jemisin for one, but it’s a great start for a guy who has always been a slow reader and scared to pick up a massive sci fi or fantasy text.

Book: The Time Traveler’s Wife, Audrey Niffenegger

Date: January 14th-January 24th

Source: Westminster Library Audiobook

As you can tell from the bit above, I really liked this book. I knew I would like the time traveling and all that, but I didn’t know it would be this enjoyable. The only complaint I have is that some of the details in their lives got a bit much for me, but this is only a few instances. The things that I felt this book excelled in were the complexity and humanity in the main characters, the relatable of seemingly everyday moments and situations, and the heartrending struggles of these two. I don’t want to give you the wrong impression when I say this, but Niffenegger’s portrayal of our world is done in such fine detail that her world felt as tangible as Frank Herbert’s Dune. I love both of these books and I think they did a great job of world creation in their own respective universes. For instance, Christmas with the in-laws was one of many laugh out loud moments for me. Her humor about families and their attempts to hold a temporary cease fire during the holidays while gathering ammo for later was great. I also loved the vividity of the love making of the main characters. It was both sensual and primal. Awesome. There were many times where I was like, “Oh my God…his tongue can do that?” This is just another example of the passion charged world that we are beckoned into by the story. I also enjoyed seeing the issues that the two lovers shared, both small and large. Their coping with each other’s sexual past, with miscarriages, and Henry’s struggle to be with Clare (like the wedding) as well as Clare’s desire to be with Henry were all very relatable and human. This amazing sense of humanity was what made the ending so heart breaking. The entire book they were both seemingly bound by fate, and I wanted Henry to be able to survive. I wanted my happily ever after…but the world doesn’t operate this way (nor would I want it to-I just wanted to see them happy :D). But the heartbreaking separation of the two and Henry’s plan to see Clare as she died so she wouldn’t be alone were just beautiful. I had no idea that love could make me so upset (especially someone else’s… a fictional someone else’s mind you!), but it did.

This book was fantastic. I think the reason it really resounded for me is that most of these books have been set in entirely alien worlds or drastically different ones-with a few exceptions of course- but this world was ours. This book took our simple, basic world (yes I am terribly oversimplifying our world) and made it mysterious and interesting. For me, it was the most emotionally involving because it was the most relatable. This is not to say that the other books on this list are bad by any means. But the humanity and commonalities the readers share with these characters are predominantly more relatable than Paul Atreides or Ender Wiggin, because the characters in this book draw on more commonly shared experiences. They don’t just draw on the large things like love and betrayal (like Ender’s Game and Dune) but they draw on the tiny little things that we’ve all had one or two of in our lives and that was what made this such a resounding novel. I love this book, I still think Dune and Ender’s spoke to me much more in terms of my interests but in terms of a great book that just speaks well to me as a man, this book nailed it. Great book. I would love to read it again. Just funny, alive, and vibrant.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Please comment if there is anything I can do to make my blog more relatable and enjoyable for you guys. Again, likes and shares are always appreciated. Thanks again for the read and I look forward to sharing another book with you guys soon.


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  1. I will be reading this book, thanks.

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